The revolution will be tweeted

One of my good friends told me that he disagreed with a lot of the things on my blog



Which is totally understandable, since not everybody will agree with people on everything

But then he proceeded to tell me how my supposed disdain for white people made him, a cis white heterosexual man, feel uncomfortable and targeted. He then told me that it made him feel like I was lumping him into a whole large group of bigots and that he knows he isn’t like that.

Much as I love you, much as your friendship is important to me… the issues I discuss are not intended to be something palatable for you. You may experience discrimination by coming from a city rampant with people of color, but you do not know the oppression of racism because institutions are tailored to your interests and for your benefit. You highly benefit from male privilege. Your sexuality is the “norm”.

Don’t come to me telling me that I make you feel like a bigot. This isn’t about your feelings. This about institutionalized oppression, this is about issues that you quite frankly won’t have to face. You may witness it, but you don’t experience it firsthand.

No, I don’t hate you for being white, or heterosexual, or male. You’re the opposite of everything I am, but honestly, you’re one of the better people I know. But when you come to me telling me that I make you feel uncomfortable… well, your temporary discomfort with me bringing up issues is nowhere near the discomfort I feel when I’m going to run errands in the evening and have to make sure that I’m in a well lit area. Your temporary discomfort is nothing like me growing up and asking my mother why there were no “people like us” on TV.

This goes for anybody who follows me: you can disagree with me and that’s whatever, but if you’re uncomfortable, then it frankly isn’t my problem. If you find yourself continuously uncomfortable with my posts and you dislike the things I say, I suggest you unfollow me to avoid getting irritable every time I show up on your dashboard. But don’t take that to mean I’m uninviting! If you’re willing to “put up with” what I post (for lack of a better phrase), then by all means, you’re totally welcome here.

As someone who has been there with white friends and someone who has basically no white friends in real life anymore…

I think you should know that you probably won’t be friends with a lot of these people anymore within the next 2 years or so.

If the truth about the systems of oppression that benefit you makes you uncomfortable, then maybe you’re part of the fucking problem.

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    So much truth
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    95% of my friends are white. This is why only three or four of them know my tumblr address.
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    wait I think it should feel uncomfortable. the difference is whose problem you think it is to deal with it.
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    If the truth about the systems of oppression that benefit you makes you uncomfortable, then maybe you’re part of the...
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